Our aim is to not only put your brand on the map but our strategies let you choose how, when and where.

About Us

We don’t settle for “good” – we aim to be exceptional! In this fast paced world, our team gets out there and connects with people to make sure your brand is noted and a positive lasting impression is made. We are on first name basis with our client’s and we love it! J2Rav Acquisitions wouldn’t be here without them so we aim to repay that loyalty by giving every campaign our all.

How We Work

We Help You Get Noticed

J2Rav Acquisitions is the marketing agency making waves in New York. Our hardworking team provides effective campaigns designed to get your brand noticed and expand your customer base. Orchestrating events daily throughout New York gives us the competitive advantage over our rivals. It allows us to connect with potential customers and create positive long lasting results.

We aren’t going to sit around and wait for results. J2Rav Acquisitions team get to know you, your brand and what you are looking to achieve. We then take it upon ourselves to arrange custom events to make sure your brand is in front of your target audience.

About Us

J2Rav Acquisitions provide clients with marketing and sales-force solutions. With a deep understanding of the consumer behavior, motivations and drivers, we provide our target audience with something that traditional marketing methods can’t – a tangible experience.

Why We're Awesome

We know a major key to success lies within constant revision of our marketing actions in order to refine the strategy and reach higher goals. We collect and treat customer’s feedback in order to understand what we can do better, as we believe there is always room for improvement.

Our Vision

Open communication is a big part of our culture at J2Rav Acquisitions. We are continually self-reviewing our practices as we recognize that great ideas come from all over – not just the top dogs. Our motto is to always be exceptional in everything we do.

Winning Attitude

Whenever you walk into J2Rav Acquisitions, you will hear a lot about our “winning attitude.” We each individually hold it, but it’s there for all of us to grow and learn from. And it’s not just down to us being a top producer for our clients.


At J2Rav Acquisitions we design tailored strategies that solve challenges, achieve goals and keep our clients at the forefront of their markets and industries whether they’re a start-up or globally established. We exceed expectations.

Personalized Service

Our team run smart campaigns because we know this is key in creating loyal, engaged and active customers. Our advantage lies within the team itself, we know how to add value with personalization and personal interaction to every campaign.

Be part of our journey.